Year 2018 is the
Singapore High End / City Fringe Properties

Prices are inching up due to the recent En-bloc activity and it pushes prices to a new benchmark

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Many Investors know the Basics of Real Estate Investments.
Buy Low and Sell High!
 But do you Understand and eventually Benefit from this statement?

Today, we witnessed many Good Buys in Singapore,
especially properties in the City And City Fringe Areas

These are some of the findings i made
( with statistical data from 2004 till now ):

- Current asking prices are at least 30% off list price

- Current asking prices are 4.2% below the historical lowest price (Oct 2009) for a comparable unit

- Immediate rental for your investment units

- Achieve at least 11% Return Of Investment ( ROI ) 

Not Forgetting Singapore is a Scarce Land with

only 719.1km and population @ 5.7m

In year 2030, we will have our population increase to 6.9m

( see article : Projected Population to Ensure a Robust Econmy by year 2030)
Question: What is needed to House the Increase in Population?

Channelnewsasia Report on 6.9m population by year 2030
dated 29th Jan 2013

Latest Government Results on CCR

Prices Move up by 1.52% base on Quarterly Data

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Budget of your Singapore Property Purchase

Projected Population to Ensure a Robust Economy by year 2030

Projected 80,000 to 90,000 new residents per year

Population Results From Google Searches

Singapore is also actively expanding its infrastructures

such as drainages, railways, telecommunication network, etc on this 719.1km land.

Question: Why do you think Singapore Government is doing this?​

Let us take a Look at our Current Railway Network
versus the future Railway Network

Our Existing Railway Network

Our Future Railway Network, with Multiple Lines Serving different Communities and Residents

Next, we look at what was reported in the Media and their findings

Question: Do you purely read it as a normal Article or
Do you See Opportunities ?

Limited Supply in CCR region

A Potential Under-Supply in CCR region

Let us compare Prices in 2009 and Current Transacted Prices

Question: Do you see a Below Market Transacted Price and
Golden Opportunities of at least 30% Profit?

Transacted Prices in 2009 period

Transacted Prices in current times

Do you see Prices of at least 30% cheaper ? 

Is this 30% = your PROFIT once 
market sentiments changes?

Now there is a PERFECT solution for INVESTORS 

We named it the "3R fundamentals"
which works BEST in all property purchase.

This Works BEST even for foreigner Investors
who are required to pay
15% Additional Buyers Stamp Duty ( ABSD ).

Our "3R fundamentals" has enable our clients to
Purchase their Investment Property 
successfully and this allows them to  
Grow their Asset and Wealth Systematically!

Many of our clients has benefitted from our expertise
to create a Huge Nest Egg that
allows them to retire comfortably as well!
Are You Ready to create your 3R fundamentals?

Yes! I want to know the BEST buy in Singapore, please contact me

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Hi, My Name is Clement Chew.

I am the founder of Clement Consultancy and an experienced real estate professional who lives by the adage "Knowledge is Power".

I firmly believe that having the Right Purchasing Plans will help you reach your goals earlier.

That is why i devise the 3R fundamentals that is unique to each and every customer i met. By applying the correct techniques to 3R fundamentals, my clients are able to visualise their asset and its potential.

This will in turn allow you to Achieve Financial Freedom and enjoy a better and quality lifestyle.

I aspire to help all my clients achieve their goals and presenting them the option to retire earlier than their peers.

It is also my wish for my clients and their loved ones to Enjoy Financial Stability and Sustainability

Check out what some of Clement's customer say

We are from Hong Kong and the property prices and buying tax is too heavy for us and we thought to explore a territory that is similar to Hong Kong.

Best Known as Asian Financial Hub, Singapore overtakes Hong Kong and gain #1 position in 2016. This is what makes us comfortable and confident in overseas purchases.

We have received many marketing materials for Singapore condo and eventually we engaged Clement's service from a friend's referral. Our friend engaged clement in her purchase of Singapore property and he takes care of afer-sales procedures such as renting etc.

We flew to Singapore in October and Clement assisted us to acquire 2 brand new 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom condo unit close to renown schools.

As shown in clement's report , the rental yield proves viable and this enhances our decision to park our spare funds here.

Clement shortly found tenants for our 2 units and he is managing the unit even after we return back to Hong Kong.

We are very happy on both purchase and we looked forward to embark on our next investment journey through clement again.

Barthan & Fion

Indonesians are buying luxury condos in Singapore due to the transparent governance and strong Singapore Dollars

This gives us the assurance and confidence to invest in this small island.

We are no strangers to Singapore and started investing since year 2000. 

Currently we are collecting good income returns from our asssets.

Our family met Clement in one of our family gatherings and we thought to seek his opinion on Singapore market.

Clement show us his report on some freehold properties in the prime district and the $psf is very attractive, quite similar to prices in 2003 period. Without further considerations. we immediately placed a booking fee to a 2 bedroom unit.

This unit also act as my grandchildren weekend stay and is near their boarding schools.

Thank you Clement for your report and we certainly is open to more investment options with you.

Gracelyn & Family


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