How to AVOID  
the Common Property
Purchasing Mistakes !

Your Property Purchase could potentially Aid / Deter you from Asset Progression.

Find out HOW  and WHAT  is considered the 
RIGHT Purchase

  Many home buyers / Investors often purchase their Home base on Emotions and their Perceived Value
of their ideal house.

This is 50% correct and absolutely nothing wrong but

- What if your main objective is to upgrade as your family profile changes or grow in another 4 - 8 years period ?

- How to ensure your purchase is correct and
is able to appreciate in future ?

Now there is a PERFECT solution where you can avoid
making these costly mistakes.

We named it the "3R fundamentals"
which works BEST in all property purchase.

Our "3R fundamentals" has enable our clients to
Purchase their 1st Property & Subsequent Properties 
successfully and this allows them to  
Grow their Asset and Wealth Systematically!

More than 600+ of our clients has benefitted from our expertise
to create a Huge Nest Egg that
allows them to retire comfortably and
build a Strong Cash Savings  !
Are You Ready to create your 3R fundamentals?​​

Learn the Methods to Avoid the Common Mistake in Property Purchasing.

Create your unique 3R fundamentals that allows you to

- Purchase Undervalue Assets / Properties
- Create weather-proof retirement plans
- Build Strong legacy for your spouse and future generations
- and many more tailored plannings for your family

Full Name
Your Ideal Purchase? ( HDB / BTO / EC / Condo / etc )

Clement Consultancy was established in 2006 and
we take pride in assisting our clients to choose
the RIGHT property based on their profile and expectations.

Since incorporation, we have successfully assisted more than
600+ groups of Home Buyers and Investors
to identify the RIGHT properties.

"I firmly believe that having the Right Planning will help you reach
your financial Goals earlier.
I aspire to help all my clients achieve their goals and presenting them the option to retire earlier than their peers.​"

That is essential especially for Singaporeans who wanted to escape from the rat race."

Case Studies of some of our clients
whom i have assisted since 2006

Young Couples Aged 27 years:

Jacky & Felicia are one of the many 1st time buyers I met.

Like many others, they thought a BTO was the sole option as it is affordable
and their parents also mention HDB is a must get for all Singaporeans young couples.

After meeting them through a referral, they realised HDB BTO is not the sole option.  

I explore the various option using the 3R fundamentals and 
now they are proud owners of a brand new 3bedroom executive condominium.
This also means that they have the luxury to stay in a property with full condominium facilities which has a potential higher capital appreciation.

Because of the affordable mortgages, they are accumulating
more cash savings for their next move in the next 5 years.

The Best Part: All these are done without stretching their finances !


Jacky & Felicia

3 bedroom Executive Condominium 

HDB Couples with upgrading plans:

Kavin and Lily are one of the many HDB owners I met.

They have plans to upgrade to a condominium and they hold this assumption that
they need to save hard enough before they can upgrade.

After meeting them, I proceed to tailor their 3R fundamentals which caters 
to their need and requirements for the purchase.

Now they are proud owners of a brand new 4bedroom private condominium
and they also own a 2nd property which generates monthly passive rental income.

This additional cash generating asset allows them to create a
3rd source of income as well.

The Best Part:
All these are done without stretching their finances
and they see an Additional of $220,000 increase in their savings 


4 bedroom Private Condo
(Own Stay)

2nd Property (Rental)

$220,000 Increase in
Cash Equity

Kavin & Lily


Many of you may wonder if it really works and if it is really suitable for me and the family.

Some may even be "contented" with their incorrect purchase decision and
hold on to their asset for many years.

There are several instances where some of my client's profile is unable
to proceed further with their asset upgrade and
they regretted missing their opportunity.

Do Not Make the
Common Property Purchasing Mistake
that could
Potentially Deter you from growing your
​Wealth & Asset Systematically​

Our 3R fundamentals has been tested and proven
to work for many of our clients.

Now it is your turn to benefit from our 3R fundamentals!

Show Me How

Check out what some of Clement's customer say

We are really happy to have gotten to know Mr Clement Chew.

We knew about Clement through his interesting and powerful flyer which contained interesting testimonies by clients attesting to Clement's assistance in helping them grow their wealth. Intrigued, we decided to call Clement and met him on 8 Apr 16. Never regretted this move as Clement provided us with interesting facts and information for us to achieve our dream.

We shared with Clement our dream of owning a private condo and at 54 years old, I thought I had already 'missed the boat'. But Clement worked out and proved to us that we could still possibly own a private condo or to be specific an executive condo (based on my age and financial situation). Being knowledgeable in this area and understanding our inspiration/needs, Clement worked out a plan in which we could achieve our dream of owning an EC. You could say that Clement is our Angel, sent by God, to assist us in purchasing our dream home.

Clement wasted no time in getting down to the business of showing us various ECs. His enthusiastic attitude towards assisting us is exemplary as we are aware that he is doing this without any monetary gain. In the end, we booked a unit at Bellewater EC located at Anchorvale Crescent. Clement expertly guided us through the various paperworks; linking us up with auxiliary support such as bankers (ensuring that we get the best possible bank rates - have to say that the service support was first class) as well as linking us up with a lawyer (which charged us a competitive lawyer's fee rate).  Without such assistance, we would have wasted a lot of time in getting such services.

Most important attributes about Clement is that he is ENTHUSIASTIC and a TRUSTWORTHY individual. He is knowledgeable, understand his client's needs, and able to provide the best solution for the client.

He is a valuable asset to your company and I am sure he would be go far in this line. With such qualities, I will definitely engage and recommend him to my friends and relatives for all my/their housing needs.

Best Regards.
David and Cynthia

Our cousin who owned 2 properties through clement highly recommend us to meet him to go through our upgrading options.

Clement assisted us to move into a brand new 4 bedroom condo unit closer to my children's school.

Our cash savings also increased and with these we proceed to purchase a 1 bedroom unit in town area to collect passive income.

Now we have 2 properties instead of 1 and I am able to give my family and 2 children a better lifestyle.

All these would not be possible had i not met clement who offered various option versus my intitial plan to buy a HDB EA. 

We are very happy on both purchase and we looked forward to embark on our next investment journey through clement again.

Mr Khoo

My Husband and myself were so glad to have met clement and to have him go through our upgrading plans.

We wanted to move to a resale HDB closer to my in laws but clement recommend us to explore other options .

He also went through the financial aspects and this makes us very comfortable as we do not want to over stretch our commitments.

After a detailed analysis on our profile and requirements, we decided to heed clement's advice to purchase a 3 bedroom condo directly from developer.

We just did a valuation in Jan 2016 and indeed our property has appreciated in value. This was what clement had mention that our purchase has a potential capital appreciation.

Purchasing decision has to be made correctly and clement took our emotion factor to another level by showing us the potential of our condo.

We believe his expertise will continue to benefit many aspiring individuals and we are planning to purchase our 2nd property with clement soon.

Thank you.

Josephine & Adam

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Grow your Wealth & Assets Systematically ?

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Your Ideal Purchase? ( HDB / BTO / EC / Condo / etc )